Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Audience profiling - demographics

Studying and cataloging audiences is one of the most important aspects of media production and media studies. Every media product is targeted at specific audiences... however there are media products that are aimed at a MASS AUDIENCES - can you think of any products that have mass audience appeal?

Media products that have a much narrower audience appeal are said to have a NICHE audience. Amongst some of these products are HOBBIE magazines,  even certain kinds of films, and especially TV Game Shows.

In order to analyse audiences effectively we need to use stereotypes, do you know what stereotype means?

 Below is a table that describes how audiences are catalogued in the media industry:

In order to write about TV Game Shows effectively you need to use these kind of terminology when it comes to talking about audiences. What kind of audience are your chosen TV Game Shows aimed at?
What kind of target audience is YOUR OWN Game Show aimed at?

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