Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Media Theory 1 - Uses and Gratification - Blumler and Katz

The U&G model is a theory that states that audiences consume media products because they have to satisfy needs:

Goals of Media
The goals of media use are:
  • To be informed or educated
  • To get entertained
  • To develop social interaction
  • To feel connected with the situations and characters emotionally
  • To escape from real life situations

Examples of Uses and Gratification Theory

In situations like watching movies and listening to the music of your own choice, this theory is applicable. People choose from their own choices and moods. The needs of the particular person are met through the media used.
Some people might watch news for information, some for entertainment, and some for self-reassurance. Some watch according to their moods. There are various needs which gets fulfilled by the media.
Similarly, internet and mobile phones have become a source of media that tries to fulfill not only the mass communication needs, but also interpersonal needs like interaction and emotional involvement. People can use internet, text, call, talk with photos or with videos. It is portable and accessible. It has come to be useful for many and serve many purposes.

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