Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Media Theory 3 - Binary Opposites - Levis Strauss

This theory states that there must be two opposing sides within a text - a TV Game Show in this case.
  • Good vs evil,
  • Weak vs strong,
  • Clever vs dumb.
How do your chosen TV Game Shows use this theory?
Deal or no Deal
Noel Edmonds is a NICE person backing the contestants.
The Banker is NOT NICE - he doesn't want contestant to win. 
Take Me Out
This theory can be applied when the women hold very different opinions to the contestant.

Sometimes the audience in the show can take the side of the good or the evil - they boo, they cheer!
Who Wants Be a Millionaire?
Chris Tarrant - the host - is friendly towards the contestant when winning (NICE).  However, he often keeps asking the contestant whether he picked the right answer or not, which could be seen as a way to confuse the contestant (EVIL).


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