Wednesday, 25 January 2017


Hi all,

Just to let you know that the media studies mock exam will take place on Friday 27th January during P1 in the Thurrock Hall.

Please remember to come prepared to the exam... we've had some time preparing our answers so there will be no surprises in terms of content and questions.


Question 1 is about your knowledge and understanding of TV Game Shows - Your case studies.  You must address all 3 statements in the question and answer them making reference to the Game Shows you've studied.

Question 2 will ask you to describe your idea for the new TV Game Show... remember you need to base it on the pre-release material given.  This pre-release gives you 3 ideas so make sure selected one of these.

Question 3 will ask you to design/sketch and annotate a website for your TV Game Show.  Please make sure you're familiar with the example on the blog.  You can also use your own creativity for this but make sure you follow conventions of website design and include all relevant elements.

Question 4 will ask you to analyse your own TV Game Show in relation to re-enforcing or challenging stereotypes.

You will be given a copy of the pre-release material for you to make notes during the exam, if you need to.

Please answer all questions to the best of your abilities... make sure you are both creative and that you are able to recall relevant information using good English.

Make sure you use plenty of media language (see media terminology post).

You will need to bring your own materials for the exam: pens, pencils rulers, colour pens, etc... you will use these for designing your own website.

Good Luck!

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