Tuesday, 10 January 2017

TV Game Shows - Pre-release material (mock)

Talking TV
Forsyth Road
Wogan Buildings
London NW5 1AG
Talking TV - An Independent, British TV Production Company

We are a British Television Production Company that specialises in making Reality TV Programmes. Moving forward into 2017 we are trying to sell a new idea for a different genre to television networks – Television Game Shows.
We are unsure at the moment about content and how to market the show but also about what audience we should be targeting. Less and less people watch television these days so we want to somehow appeal to viewers with a USP! This is where you come in.
We are launching an online competition to develop ideas for a new Television Game Show with the winning pitch being awarded a writing contract with Talking TV to fully develop the idea with our team. You will need to think about:

  • The name of the show and content

  • Presenter/s and contestants/panelists

  • A theme or topic

  • Scheduling and running time

  • How the show will be marketed

So far we have three ideas that are very much at the working title stage:

  • Know your Food – a panel show focusing on knowledge of food from different continents.

  • Film Meltdown – a puzzle orientated competition based show where contestants piece together clues revealing their film knowledge.

  • Oh My Premiership – a comedy based quiz show testing knowledge of the British football Premier League.

You have four weeks in which to prepare and then you will be asked to complete four tasks.
Remember to:

  • Keep your responses short and focused

  • Use design sheets/diagrams/illustrations/storyboards where appropriate

  • Provide examples where you can to support your ideas

Good luck with this. We look forward to hearing from you.
Lazzer Grayson





Television Networks: Institutions like the BBC, ITV, Channel Four Television and Viacom who own TV Channels like BBC One, ITV1, Channel 4 and Channel 5.

USP: Where a media product, e.g. a Television Game Show offers a unique selling point.

Demographic: A term used to describe in detail the audience being targeted including gender, age, national and regional identity, ethnicity, social class, education and lifestyle.

Sub Genre: Where Television Game Shows for example are split into divisions of an existing genre with their own set of conventions. Examples include Panel Games, Quiz Shows and Activity Orientated Shows (there are plenty more).

Convergence: Where media forms are available, or are marketed on a range of different platforms.

Scheduling: The time chosen to broadcast a television programme.


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