Tuesday, 28 February 2017

1st March 2017

Learning Objectives:

K: To know how their chosen TV Game shows are constructed.

U: How their chosen TV Game Shows use a range of elements to appeal to audiences.

BAT: Analyse 3 TV Game Shows using correct media terminology throughout.

C.O: Use Media Terminology throughout analysis.

Wider reading: Click on this link.


Today's lesson is all about developing your case studies for question 1 of the exam.

Part 1 of lesson
  • In your blog/word document/book, make a new subtitle called "Institutions".
  • Click on this link which will take you to the Institution post.
  • Read the post and undertake the suggested activities, linking them to your chosen TV Game shows.

Part 2 of lesson
  • When you're done with this, you then click here to take you to the Audience post.
  • In this post there's information on what we mean by audiences and how institutions create profiles of these.
  • Undertake the suggested activities on the post.

Part 3 or Homework
  • Click here and choose one of the sample questions.
  • Answer it individually within the suggested time (20 mins).
  • Click here and follow the instructions to create a surprise random exam question 1.
  • Answer it individually within the suggested time (20 mins).

Good Luck and Enjoy...! 

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