Monday, 27 March 2017

Studying Audiences


Why have television game shows remained so popular with audiences? 

Like any other investigation into audience, it is important to consider the demographic profile of different audience groups. This work can be developed into drawing up profiles of both mainstream and niche audiences and then matching them to contrasting programmes.

Secondly, why do audiences watch television game shows? By exploring a range of examples, there is a discussion to be had about how game shows appeal to different audiences for different reasons. 

Consider that television game shows tend to feature on the schedules of daytime television as well as peak, prime-time periods – as well as other times catering for more specific, niche audiences.

Suggested activities
1.    Compare at least two contrasting television game shows.  How does the scheduling and format differ for different audiences?

2.    Create a demographic profile of the target audience for your selected television game shows.

Useful link to kinds of demographics... click here.

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