Monday, 27 March 2017

Studying Institutions


Who produces television game shows is a useful starting place to explore Institutions.

Television game shows feature on the schedules of most channels and case studies of how television game shows are financed, produced and distributed would be an excellent way of addressing the key concept of Institutions. 

Television game shows have a long tradition of being associated with spin-offs. For example, board games. Increasingly, these spin-offs have become more varied and a study of this will help students to recognise the value of synergies, convergence and multi-platform promotion.

Suggested activities
What production companies produce your chosen TV Game Shows?
What TV channels (broadcasters) broadcast your chosen TV Games Shows?
Are your broadcasters commercial stations or public services?
Have your chosen TV Game Shows been syndicated?
Compare the promotion of at least two television game shows on different channels.

Compare the financing and production of two television game shows on different channels.

TV production companies that make TV Game Shows:Image result for endemol logo    Image result for talkback thames                   

Image result for ITV Studios

Do any of these Institutions produce your chosen existing TV Game Shows?

    Image result for ITV logo

Image result for channel 4 logo      Image result for SKY One logo    Image result for challenge TV logo      Image result for channel 5 TV logo

The BBC is the only Broadcaster that is a Public Service and it makes money through the TV Licence (around £12 per month per household in the UK).

The other Broadcasters are Commercial channels - They are funded via TV Commercials and Sponsorships.


  • Scheduling
  • Prime time
  • Broadcast Channel
  • Hammocking
  • Synergy
  • Convergence
  • Syndication

Do you know them?

How can you use them in an answer?

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