Monday, 27 March 2017

Studying Media Language

Media Language
Forms and conventions

Students need to become familiar with the style and content of television game shows. 

The genre is broad and many sub-genres exist and fall under the umbrella of the television game show. However, there is still very much a typical style and accepted set of conventions that ensures that they appeal to audiences. 

The tension and excitement for contestants, studio audiences and viewers watching at home are important factors.

Television game shows past and present place the host/presenter as pivotal to their success and appeal. The role of the host – managing and leading contestants through various rounds and stages of competition – is often crucial. With that comes an abundance of catchphrases (some of which have become part of our everyday vocabulary). 

Hosts put the contestants at ease and often use humour.

Set design and props often play a key part in successful television game shows and contain elements that are instantly recognisable for audiences.

Suggested activities

1.    Describe and compare the settings of two contrasting television game shows.
2.    Compare the format of two contrasting television game shows. How does the format used entertain and appeal to audiences?
3.    How important is the role of the host?

4.    Analyse how hosts manage and lead events in a television game show.

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