Tuesday, 28 March 2017

W/C 27th March 2017

Plan for today...

Today you will learn about INSTITUTIONS and the key terminology required for an exemplar answer for question 1.


First, click on the link.

Learn about the Institutions involved in the existing TV Game Shows that you've chosen.

Revise the Key Term at the end of the post.

Now it's time to round up your knowledge about your chosen existing TV Game Shows:
Remember that you need 6 TV shows.

  • What subgenre does it belong to?
  • What is the format of the show?
  • Is the show based in a studio? or on location?
  • What does the design of the set/colours connote about the show?
  • What institutions are involved in the production/broadcast of your show?
  • What is the scheduling of the show? Time and day of broadcast.
  • Is the show syndicated? To what country?
  • Is the show sponsored? By what company/product? Why do you think this company chose to sponsor the show?
  • What type of contestants are there in your show?
  • What is the ideology of the show? What is considered to be important - the prize, the gameplay, fun, challenge, success?
  • Who is the host of the show? What do they do that is appealing to the target audience?
  • Who is the target audience of the show? Remember to consider: when the show is broadcast; the channel it is broadcast on; sub-genre;
  • Does the show have a tagline? What is it and what connotations does it have?
  • What is the theme song of the show? What connotations does it have?
  • What synergy does the show use?
  • What media theories can you apply to the show?


Secondly, click on this link and go through the lesson... you need to understand how REPRESENTATION is created in your chosen existing TV Game Shows.


Once you know all of these... choose ONE question 1 and have a go at answering it:

1) We think that television game shows appeal to audiences because they use:

  • ·      exciting and/or humorous gameplay
  • ·      an effective host and relatable contestants
  • ·      high value prizes

From your research, select three examples of Television Game Shows and explain how these ingredients have contributed to their success.


2) How important is the role of the host of a Television Game Show? With reference to at least 4 Television Game Shows, explain how the host(s) manage and lead events effectively.


3) Television Game Show audiences are often encouraged to react to contestants in different ways – e.g. to ‘root for them’ or to see them as objects of humour. With reference to at least 4 Television Game Shows, explain how contestants are represented and how audiences are encouraged to react to them.


4) Television Game Shows often appeal to wide audiences. With reference to at least 4 Television Game Shows, explain, in detail, how each of them appeals to a wide range of audience types.


Do a Socrative quiz as directed in class - wait for teacher for this.

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  1. the BBC are a television broadcasting channel that show television games shows , the BBC does to broadcast commercials this is due to them receiving payments from the tv licensing. Another channel that broadcasts tv game shows is channel 4 their most popular show is countdown which is the longest running game show in the uk, they receive payment from advertises. ITV also broadcasts shows such as take me out which is a very popular game show in the uk,they also show use advertisements in order to get payment. A different channel is challenge which is a TV game show that broadcasts tv games shows 24/7 and does not show any other type of programme it is accessible through SKY unlike the other i have presented in this introduction.

    TV game shows need to have subgenera that appeal to diverse audiences as it means that they will have a range of age groups watching they show this almost garnets that they will always have a secure audience as the show will always ascribe itself to one of their target audiences. an example of this would be take me out as they have a wide range of audience varying from young girls to males in their mid twenties this is due to the fact that take me out has an appeal to young girls as the show is trying to find true love between partners which appeals to you girls. whilst the host paddy mcguines, appeals to older males and has a very large following meaning paddy's fans are likely to follow him no matter what show e is presenting as they enjoy watching his personality. that is an example of a show which has a wide audience.