Monday, 20 March 2017

A Grade answers for Mock question 2 and 4.

02 - We would like you to develop an idea for a new Television Game Show that can be marketed on a range of platforms. You need to think about:
  • who the target audience is in detail – both primary and secondary
  • the name of the show, presenter/s and range of contestants you will have
  • the theme or topic of your show
  • how you will market the television game show.
The name of my new game show is 10 Seconds; a Celebrity based panel show that has music as its theme. All questions will be based around current and old UK and international artists and genres of music. To ensure celebrity audience identification with the show it will be presented by the famous Ant and Dec. As a popular presenting duo, they have been associated with music based types of shows such as The X Factor (ITV) and they've also had a short-lived music career with the hit single "Lets Get Ready To Rumble".   

The unique selling point of the show is that the contestants will be current and old music artists and celebrities adding to the star marketing of the show. The hybrid of comedy will be evident, particularly when the celebrities get questions wrong; Ant and Dec will use humour, sarcasm and put downs to ridicule each wrong answer.
The primary target audience will be male, 14-25, C1, C2, D mainstreamers/aspirers who are either interested in, and/or have a passion for music. The show will be broadcast on ITV at 7pm (Monday night) that is known for targeting a young demographic.  
All episodes will be available on the video on demand catch up platform ITV Hub recognising that many young people prefer online television consumption. During the show audiences can tweet live and edited tweets will appear scrolling along the bottom of the screen to maintain the interest of an interactive, competitive target audience.  
The secondary target audience will be young female viewers aged 16-21 who are targeted primarily via social networking, particularly using the popular platform Facebook. Synergy will be used to market the show with gossip magazines like Reveal, Closer and Heat running adverts for the quiz. ITV will run trailers advertising the show during higher ratings programmes like The X Factor and Britain's got Talent. 10 Seconds will have a website that makes convergent links to print and online gossip magazines, social networking platforms but also the websites of music artists focussing on the primary male target audience. Online interactive quizzes via the website and social networking links will maintain audience interest in the show.(14/15)

04 - Explain how your Television Game Show reinforces, or challenges stereotypes.
My TV Game Show (10 seconds) targets a primary male audience interested in music that could be said to be reinforcing cultural stereotypes. This is anchored by the exclusive male representation in the show, both in terms of presenters Ant and Dec and the contestants (mostly male). However, I have developed a show that has a significant secondary female demographic.

Young female audiences are targeted via the female gaze where one of the audience appeals of the show is seen as the objectification of young, music artists at the peak of musical career. This is the reverse of Laura Mulvey’s mala gaze theory, often associated with reinforcing stereotypes of gender.

Male audiences will enjoy the challenge, using the surveillance part of the Uses and Gratifications theory, of knowing lyrics and music of specific songs. Masculine put downs reinforce the male stereotype by having a lads culture, bar room style of mode of address that is commonly found in other TV game shows with a primary male demographic. Examples are 8 out of 10 Cats and A League of Their Own and in Men’s Lifestyle magazine like FHM (now only online).

Although some female audiences may reject this type of male dominated representation, the show is without apology in its targeting of a mainstream demographic to ensure commercial success – the question that may be asked of the show (even though it could be said it is both reinforcing, and challenging stereotypes) is that female panelists do not feature heavily in the narrative content of the show.

One area of representation that does challenge stereotypes, however, is ethnicity and national identity. The Celebrity  panelists will represent a range of ethnic backgrounds and come from a number of diverse regions and walks of life.  Although the Panel Show will have a very British feel to it, in relation to humour, format and narrative content it could be argued that there is a form of global identity, up to a point, through the kind of music that will feature in the show.(14/15)

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