Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Mock exam - Question 2


1 - They want your show to be broadcast in ITV.

2 - They want you to choose a Peak Time schedule for your show.

3 - Also, consider a suitable day of the week and be ready to justify your decisions.

4 - Choose ONE of the ideas suggested and develop it covering the following points:

  • who the target audience is in detail – both primary and secondary
  • the name of the show (if you change it), name of potential presenter/s and type of contestants you will have.
  • the format of the show (how will the game be played? - would you have an audience? How many contestants will you have? What kind of rounds would you have? What do they win?
  • how the Game Show will be marketed (will you use synergy? Will you use the internet to advertise the show - website -? Would you suggest that posters are used?)

Make sure your idea is suitable for the channel/institution intended (ITV).

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