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New - Preliminary material for MOCK - March

Moonstone Productions

Moonstone Productions,

55 Hanway Mews,


Dear Colleague,

Game Shows are programmes broadcast on television or radio, which test knowledge and / or have a competitive element.

We are an independent television production company – Moonstone Productions – which is developing a new idea within the profitable area of Game Shows for television.

Moonstone has already placed productions with Channel 4 but now wants to break into the more profitable market of ITV.

We would like you to prepare a package to present to the directors of the company. We have included four possible ideas for you to consider and would like you to choose one to develop  further. It is intended for broadcast during peak time.

You must demonstrate a clear understanding of the Game Show genre. Please complete all tasks. We would like you to consider ways to promote the new show with a particular focus on interactive elements and creating a clear brand identity.

We hope your response will be interesting and original.

  • Keep your ideas concise and focused.
  • Use illustrations, diagrams and bullet points where appropriate.
  • make sure you give examples to support your ideas.

Best wishes,

A. Stevenson

Moonstone Productions



Choose one of the following possible show ideas you’d like to work on and help develop it further.

10 Seconds – Panel Show
Two teams of celebrity panellists compete to identify songs. There are nine categories; the higher the points; the more difficult the song is to identify.

Anything Goes – Activity Oriented.
Teams compete in a series of comic, sometimes embarrassing, activities in order to win prizes.

Amne$ia – Puzzle Oriented
Contestants compete in pairs answering questions, relying on memory and taking chances in order to win cash prizes.

Quiz Bowl – Quiz Show
Contestants compete individually on a series of specialist and general knowledge questions in order to win life-changing experiences.


Glossary of Media Language Terms

Catchphrase: a well-known sentence or phrase, especially one that is associated with a particular famous person.

E-media – use of the internet or other digital technologies

Format: This is about how a quiz works. Who asks the questions? Whether contestants are alone or in teams? How many rounds there are? These should become progressively more difficult. How the show will end? How tension is maintained? Will there be special rounds where slightly different things happen? How will the format keep the audience interested? How will it end?

The Four Needs theory: Blumler and Katz suggested people use the media for different reasons. It has four main parts –

1.    Escape and diversion from everyday life

2.    Surveillance and information

3.    Personal relationships

4.    Personal identity

Highbrow: shows which expect contestants to have prior knowledge, gained through study.

Host: the presenter of the show

Lowbrow: shows which expect contestants to have knowledge gained through everyday life.

Peak Time: In the UK, peak time or prime time is divided into two: early peak is 17:30 to 20:00 and late peak is 20:00 to 23:00.

USP: Unique selling point

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