Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Plan for GCSE media exam

A total of 6 TV Game Shows to be referenced to in Question 1.


  • 17th April - question 1 practice test (Q1a - Q1b)
  • 24th April - brief - start coming up with show idea
  • 1st May - website and poster.
  • 8th May - storyboard and recap on stereotypes.
  • 15th May - evaluating the show. Stereotypes. Success of the show.
  • 22nd May - revise.

Exam: 23rd May - AM.


For today

You need to continue with your analysis of TV Game Shows (6).
How do they represent the game?
How do they represent the host?
How do they represent the contestants?
Are these representations linked to the target audience?

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