Thursday, 30 March 2017

Q1 practice - Thursday P1

We believe that the format of the show is a key aspect to ensure success, but this can only happen when:

  • The TV Game Show uses star marketing in its promotion.
  • The TV Game Show uses synergy effectively.
  • The TV Game Show uses a colour palette that links to its theme and subgenre.

How do your chosen TV Game Shows use the statements above to ensure success?



  1. A tv game show would want use star marketing as it means that the certain star who is promoting the product will have a loyal fan base who are likely to watch anything he/she promotes. this means that the show will receive an audience outside of their target audience this will increase the amount of viewers they get on their show. an example of when this has happened is total wipeout in which Richard hammond promoted to his twitter and it the show was soon watched by middle aged men just because Richard hammond had promoted the show on social media.

    tv game shows that use synergy are more likely to become successful as it means

  2. in order television game shows to show formate they will use a star marketing in its promotion and also uses a colour palette that links to its team and sub-genre the colour pink on the take me out website cannot the woman i the show and it will attract woman to apply for the show. any social media the show might use pink because that is there theme(website)

  3. Synergy is a key part of ensuring success in a show, companies release synergy in order to entertain the audience and make them feel like they are a part of the show. An example of a tv show that uses synergy is Catchphrase, catchphrase has released a board game and a card game. Both games formats are extremely similar to the format of the show itself that is broadcasted to the people at home. Doing this makes this audience feel like they are apart of the game and can also make it relatable for the audience when they watch the show as they understand what its like to be under pressure and guessing the catchphrase in order to win money. Effectively this can result in a active audience who want to join in with the game at home, this is due to the fact that the audience feel like they know what their doing and understand the show more because they have played to board game and makes them more interested in seeing how the contestants get on while playing the game on television. Through playing these games and the different forms of synergy the audience get an escape from the real world and can take their mind off of things which links to Blumer and Katz, Uses and Gratification theory which explains that game shows allow people to escape from real life situations. Therefore by Catchphrase having synergy results in a whole new target audience which feel like they can relate to the shows and results in them being a passive audience who want to get involved and find it more appealing (whether that be in the audience on set/ in the mise-en-scene or watching at home). It can also bring in more money for the institutions and show as people will be buying board games and will also getting more viewers meaning more people will be seeing catchphrases' sponsorship resulting in more money, ensuring more success.

    Another example of a game show that used synergy to ensure success is The Cube, who... (STILL GOT TO FINISH)

  4. success is awarded to a television game show through the three statements above. commonly tv game shows have achieved this by doing the three statements. beginning with star marketing Take me out uses Paddy McGuiness to promote the show ( broadcasted on ITV and ITV2 during the later peak times). Paddy McGuiness is known as the face of take me out, he uses woman's gaze when advertising Take Me out Via posters and E-Media of social networking. Because he is dressed attractively and is presented in a way women would enjoy to look at Take Me Out posters due to the idea that Paddy McGuiness is a popular star and is attractive to the eye. Therefore using this element Take Me Out is successful as the target demographic of catagory D ( working class, unskilled manual workers) will enjoy Paddy McGuiness's attendance within the star marketing and will become further engaged in the show.

    Not finished

  5. colour ensures success in tv game shows for example in take me out its a dating show and the palette colour is pink and it links to the genre of the tv game show (dating). The colour pink refers to romance and love , and it is successful because this will attract the audience. any social media the show might have i suppose it would be pink (website).

    synergy makes a tv game show more successful because when you think about it its just more promotion. The tv game shows such as catch phrase and the chase make products such as books and board games . The synergy starts to improve when it gets advertised to the target market and improves even more once it gets promoted to other countries (sydication)

    when tv game shows get promoted they make it very clear who the target audience are for example in take me out its very clear that the target audicne is men.

  6. TV game shows uses synergy effectively by letting other companies in other countries to broadcast the specific game show. for example the way "total wipeout" is broadcasted in multiple different countries such as America , Australia and Spain. This then allows multiple people from around the world to watch the show and then that means that the company who made that tv show will get more rep or fame and then that means that they will get more money coming in. this also means that the tv show will start to get a bigger audience which then means that more people will start enjoy the show. The way TV game shows use colour palette is to show off their own layout and how the game show looks in a studio or if is outside in daylight or night. for example "total wipeout" has blue,red and sometimes white. this then links to the shows main theme , so total wipeout will link to sport and competitor and sometimes teamwork.

  7. To make a successful TV game show using star marketing when promoting the show and shows such as Take me out

  8. A tv game show uses star marketing to bring in a higher set of rating for that specific episode or series. This is because each star has their own fan base, therefor each episode would bring each celebrities fan base with them. Attractive celebrities also bring both genders for example Selena Gomez. If she went on deal or no deal she would naturally bring the male gaze. TV game shows uses synergy effect through board games for example. Take me out and deal or no deal. Deal or no Deal has branched out to arcades and other things, where you can win other things such as tickets and money. Both American and English Version

  9. TV Game Show's use star marketing in its promotion in order to ensure the success of the show. An example of this Take Me Out (broadcasted on ITV, 8PM on Saturday - peak time) uses Paddy McGuinness (the presenter) for star marketing within its promotion. Paddy McGuinness is a well-known English comedian, comedy actor and presenter. He has a high following on his social media's (Instagram: 131K followers, Twitter: 247K followers). This allows Take Me Out ensure success as the presenter of the show is well known, and audiences will be drawn to watch it as they know of him and may possibly be a fan or follower on his social medias. Another example of this is Blind Date (broadcasted previously on ITV), who also used a popular presenter (Cilia Black) to promote their Show. Cilia Black is previously known for her role on Surprise, Surprise, a successful gameshow. She is one of the most popular women in television, and previously had a strong career in music. This ensures success for Blind Date, once again fans of Cilia Black's will watch the show (which will bring up the viewer count) as they like her.

    TV Game Show's use synergy effectively in order to guarantee success for the Show. An example of this is The Cube (broadcasted on ITV2 during the daytime, presented by Philip Schofield) created a board game, John Adams The Cube Game, to promote the Game Show. Synergy allows fans of the show to play a similar version of the original game show at home, and it allows to the company to have an additional income (from the show and the board game). Another example is Total Wipe Out (broadcasted on BBC One, sub-genre: activity orientated). Total Wipe Out created a Nintendo WII game, The Ultimate Red Ball Challenge, from a popular activity course included within the original show. When the game was produced, Nintendo WII was the most popular console on the market. This ensures success as because of the popularity of the console, audiences are more likely to purchase the game rather than a gameboy version (which would not have been as popular).

    TV Game Show's use a colour palette that links to its theme and sub-genre, in order to ensure success for the Show. An example of this is Total Wipe Out, in which uses a colour palette of blues and reds. Blue connotes confidence and stability, whilst red connotes anger, intensity and passion. This links into the sub-genre of the Game Show - activity orientated. Total Wipe Out focuses on contestants taking on outrageous obstacle courses in hope of winning a cash prize, the colour palette ties in with this focus as in order to win the contestant must have confidence (blue connotes confidence). The show also includes suspense, so the audience enjoys the show much more. Red connotes intensity, which links in with the suspense of the show (whether the contestant will fall or not). This ensures success as the colour palette links in with the sub-genre of the Game Show, so the audience will know what to expect from the show. Another example is Take Me Out (broadcasted on ITV, 8PM on Saturday - peak time), in which uses a colour palette of pinks and purples. Pink connotes beauty and romance, whilst purple connotes luxury, wealth and sophistication. Take Me Out's colour palette links into the sub-genre (dating) through what the colours connote.

  10. statement 2:In order for tv game shows to be successful they may use synergy to gain more viewers around the world to make their gameshow more popular. Also they could gain more viewers around the world as the host may have social media apps that public follow him/her on therefore he/she would have more viewers from the social media apps. Take me out uses synergy effectively as Paddy Mcguinness the social media apps really help to gain more viewers on take me out. For example Paddy mcguinness has a twitter and Instagram account that people follow him on that gives him more viewers to watch his gameshow as his page is mostly information to do with take me out. This will enable success as he then gains more viewers and his gameshow became global therefore he was successful.

    Statement 3:

  11. TV Gameshows such as Million Pound Drop (presented by Davina McCall, broadcasted on Channel 4) use synergy effectively in order to ensure success - in this case, the show's app and board game are examples of this. The products link to the show as the app is used to play along with the show, which is usually shown live - this helps for the audience at home to feel and experience everything without the need to be there and as a result enjoy the show more, therefore contributing to its success. Additionally, the synergy of the board game generates even more income for the show, especially because new broadcasts have now ended (last show in 2014). This allows the audience to play the game that they like as much as they want to, and because they can't watch it anymore, they would be more likely to purchase it in order to have some sort of connection with the show again.

    Gameshows also use star marketing, such as Total Wipeout's host Richard Hammond, in order to ensure success. This is achieved because of the portrayal of their most well-known host, who was also known for being on popular shows like Top Gear and Brainiac: Science Abuse. Because he has many fans, the show would be more appealing to people both in and out of the target audience if they are fans of the host, and as a result, they would watch the show if only to see him. Furthermore, this boosts the show's ratings and can rope in permanent viewers to always watch the show, boosting its success. This is achieved by Hammond always being shown throughout the show, whether it is him talking to the contestants or addressing the audience at home directly - this ensures that viewers always have a chance to see and know that he is associated with the show and potentially watch it if they are a fan of his. Also, gameshows such as Take Me Out (broadcasted on ITV, presented by Paddy McGuinness) use their host's social media followers as a way to attract more viewers. McGuinness has over 100k and 200k followers on Instagram and Twitter respectively, and due to his position on the show, they must all know about the show and most likely watch it because it is hosted by someone that they know and like. This is achieved by McGuinness being the either the main or one of the largest pictures on any advertisement or poster about the show, ensuring that people always know that he is associated with the show.

    TV Gameshows also intentionally link their colour palette to the theme of the show and the sub genre. For example, The Chase (broadcasted by ITV, hosted by Bradley Walsh) uses red as the dominant colour for its logo. Red connotes danger and excitement/enthusiasm, which ties in with the concept of the contestants being 'chased' by the antagonist(s) (the chasers) well - there is always a danger of being caught if they don't answer questions correctly and the chance that they will lose all of their money as a result. In addition, gameshows such as Pointless use the colour purple in their set and logo. Purple connotes gambling and wealth, which ties in with the competition for money that is the whole concept of the show (by answering questions).