Wednesday, 29 March 2017


01 - Some people argue that only the very successful TV Game Shows are those that:

  • Are syndicated.
  • Have a set that is consistent with their subgenre.
  • Are broadcasted when its target audience is stereotypically ready to watch it at home.

Explain how your case studies use the statements above to ensure success.



  1. People may argue that only the successful TV game shows are those that are syndicated. Syndication is when the game show is transferred or sold onto companies in other countries. An example of this is The Chase (broadcasted on ITV at 5pm on a weekday, hosted by Bradley Walsh). This is a British programme but there is a version broadcasted in America. It is hosted by Brooke Burns and features the same Chaser as in the British version, there are only small differences like the amount of contestants in a team. The syndication of Game Shows like The Chase shows success because it may give people the idea that if it is successful in one country, then it will be successful in others. The Chase US is broadcasted on the Game Show Network, which also broadcasts many other game shows that are watched in America. This makes the show ensure by bringing in more viewers.
    People also argue that only successful shows have a set that is consistent with their sub-genre. A game show that portrays this is Total Wipeout. The sub-genre of this is activity-orientated. The set it based outside instead of in a studio, and includes a large course that the contestants have to defeat in order to continue the game. This shows that the game show is successful because it broadcasts to the audience what the sub-genre and will appeal to the target audience as they will immediately recognise it. Another game show that has a set consistent with their sub-genre is Take Me Out.

  2. Many may argue that most successful tv game shows are syndicated. syndication is when the show is produced in many different countries.This will hep the audience expand as more people have the chance to watch and enjoy. For example 'take me out' is produced in many countries such as England,South Africa and Ireland. Overall 'take me out' is very successful and well known, syndication cause the show as a whole to expand. Paddy Mcguiness (the host) has a set sub genre that does not change ever, it has been a dating show since aired since 19th june 2009. 'take me out' also is aired at a specific time to fit the target demographic of young females. 7pm is a good time as young girls are most likely to come home from work and watch show of their interest. the producer of take me out usually has love hearts on the set and uses red as this colour connotes the theme of love.

    In 'total Wipeout' (an activity oriented show) it is aired in many countries such as America and Germany. 'total wipeout' as a show is quite popular and well known within the media. 'total wipeout' (hosted by ant and dec) has always been a activity oriented show it has never suddenly become a different sub genre as doing this will minus the amount of viewers they receive. ' total wipeout' use their set to the them of activity and sports as the have obstacles in the view behind them. All the statement are seen as stereotypically true because ethics what makes a show succesfull.

  3. My case studies ensure success as they use syndication. For example take me out is not only shown in England. There are many other countries that have their own take me out where people from their country would star in the show, such as take me out South Africa, has a presenter who speaks english and is popular in south Africa rather than England to attract more of the public. There is also other countries such as take me out Ireland where they have presenters and people featured who are all Irish. Another one of my case studies which use syndication is total wipeout, the show is aired in many different countries, and some countries such as america have their own version where the host would be american and so would be the contestants.

    Take me out also has a set which matches its sub genre, this is because take me out is a dating show which is associated with love an romance. These two themes are usually associated with the colour red. take me out has a set that has a black background overall however the screen is red along with the red lighted panels and other colours associated with red tones. Total wipeout also has a set that has colours associated with its sub genre, as it is a activity oriented show, and the tone of blue used is uplifting along with the bright red details, used in obstacles such as the famous big red balls, along with the sucker punchers. and also used in other obstacles.

    Take me out is aired during the time period where it is the peak in the country where it is aired, 8pm. This means that a lot more people would watch it as that is around the time many people are watching tv, airing a tv show where the majority of people are not watching is pointless as the public would be less likely to watch it live.

  4. in order to produce a successful gameshow, you must fulfil certain requirements. A successful game show: is syndicated, has a set that is consistent with its subgenre and is broadcasted when its target audience is stereotypically ready to watch at home.

    Many argue that a successful game show is syndicated across a variety of countries. Syndication is when a company sells permission to broadcast a programme in a different country. Syndication appeals to viewers and makes a gameshow successful because it reveals the idea that it has made success through a range of different countries, not only one. For example, the game show 'The Cube' (broadcasted on ITV2 at a day time peak, hosted by Philip Schofield) uses syndication. Eleven countries have produced their own version of the show. some have ceased broadcasting and in the case of the US version have not even been shown (only a pilot was filmed). Some countries which have previously broadcasted the show are: Germany, Italy, Spain, USA, and France, etc. The American version of Take Me Out would've had an idolising American host and American contestants to fit and appeal to its particular countries target audience.

    Game shows are also made successful through the use of a corresponding, consistent set and sub-genre. For example, the game show Total Wipe-out (broadcasted on BBC One and Hosted by Richard Hammond and Amanda Bryam) has a consistent activity-orientated set. The set is based in a natural environment - instead of a self-created layout (an outside area) with a chain of large obstacles for the contestants to tackle. This is set becomes individual and recognisable to viewers who are arriving back to watch the show weekly. Total Wipe-Out is presented as successful because a specific target audience is enticed into watching and recognising the show. Another game show that is consistent with its sub-genre is Take Me Out (Broadcasted on ITV at 8pm on a Saturday, hosted by Paddy McGuiness). The game show is consistently made recognisable as a dating show through the use of 30 white lights, each with women behind them, as the male contestant makes his way through the 'Love Lift'. Women are almost presented as objects of men as the male contestant picks and chooses which women he wants (male gaze theory). The colour scheme of red and pink constantly reinforces the concept of Love and Affection, relating to its intentional sub-genre.

    In addition, game shows are presented as successful through the chosen broadcast time, when the specific target audience is stereotypically ready to watch. For example, the game show 'Are you smarter than a 10 year old' (Broadcasted on Sky1, weekly, hosted by Noel Edmonds) is broadcasted on the TV at prime time for its target audience. This show has a young audience demographic of children and so is likely to be broadcasted at around 7pm. This is stereotypically the peak time for children to watch television and so the game show is made successful through the consistent playing time of the show. If the show was to be played at another time of the day, it is likely that the audience could potentially miss the show and so the viewing rate of the show would drop significantly. Further more, the game show Deal or No Deal (Broadcasted on Channel 4, hosted by Noel Edmonds) has a prime showing time of throughout the day. This show has a particularly older target audience demographic and so is made successful through having showing times throughout the day. it is likely that audiences over the age of 50 have a significant amount of time on their hands, particularly if they have retired, and so Deal or No Deal would receive a high viewing rate because the viewers are at home on a daily basis.