Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Question 1s - Difficult ones.

These are a sample of what I consider to be hard question 1s.

Choose ONE of these and try answering the statements in under 20 mins.

01 - All TV Game Shows should have the following criteria at its core:

They need to be broadcast at a suitable time to reflect the activities of its target audience.
They need to have a theme tune that links to the theme(s) of the show.
The host needs to be able to lead the show effectively.

Using your case studies, explain how this criteria makes your chosen TV Games Shows successful.


01 - The main purpose of TV Game Shows is to entertain audiences at home and those who are part of the audience, however, other main purposes can range from:

Some TV Game Shows educate their target audience.
Some TV Game Shows influence their target audience.
Some TV Game Shows promote certain values to their target audiences.

Using your case studies, compare and contrast the purposes of your chosen TV Game Shows.


01 - Some people argue that only the very successful TV Game Shows are those that:

Are syndicated.
Have a set that is consistent with their subgenre.
Are broadcasted when its target audience is stereotypically ready to watch it at home.

Explain how your case studies use the statements above to ensure success.


01 - We believe that the format of the show is a key aspect to ensure success, but this can only happen when:

The TV Game Show uses star marketing in its promotion.
The TV Game Show uses synergy effectively.
The TV Game Show uses a colour palette that links to its theme and subgenre.

How do your chosen TV Game Shows use the statements above to ensure success?



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