Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Representation in TV Game Shows


Many television game shows are aimed at mainstream audiences and have broad appeal. Part of that appeal is having contestants from all walks of life competing – either just for the challenge, but often for fantastic prizes. 

A key factor to ensuring the success of a game show is to make sure the audiences can relate to these people. 

To begin with we need to think about how contestants are represented in game shows to appeal to the target audience.

Watch the start of the following two programmes and explain how the contestants are presented in a way that would appeal to the target audience for each programme

1. What factors can we think about when exploring how contestants are represented in game shows?

2. What do game show producers do to ensure the contestants are likeable to the audience

3. Watch the following clip and explain how you think the audience are meant to feel towards the contestants on this show. What gratifications are offered in this game show?

Likewise, celebrities have been a staple of television game shows. From hosts who are, or become, celebrities to the guests on panel shows and the plethora of celebrity versions of established game shows on our screens. 

Your Host

Your Host - in your blog/book place a picture of your chosen host for your game show in the middle of a page, then draw arrows coming out of the picture explaining how you are going to represent the host in the game show to ensure the target audience enjoy watching him/her on the show. You should think about:
  • Their appearance
  • The way they speak to the audience (tone/dialect/use of language)
  • How they interact with the audience
  • What they actually do on the game show/where they are positioned
  • What their catchphrase(s) might be for your show
  • What values they have beyond the show that audience's would recognise and be attracted to
  • Any other information that you would encode into the game show that would encourage the audience to like the presenter

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