Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Website elements

Learning Objectives

  • K: Elements that make a successful TV Game Show website.
  • U: How to use these elements to maximise the TV Game Shows website.
  • BAT: Sketch a website design for a new TV Game Show incorporating all relevant elements.
  • CO: Use media terminology throughout the lesson - verbally and in written form.
  • Wider Reading: Click here for link.

This lesson is designed to help you with Question 3 of the exam... the production task.  In this lesson we'll be exploring websites.
Task 1 - Understanding the Brief
  • What TV Channel does the brief want you to aim your show at?
  • What broadcast time does the brief suggest you consider?
  • Which Game Show idea are you going for?
Task 2 - Your idea and format.
  • What is the format of your show?
  • Have you chosen a host? Which one? Why?
  • How will you market the Game Show? (Remember Synergy and Convergence as well as using an website)

Task 3 - Creating a website for your Game Show.
Visit a range of TV Game Show websites.
  • What do you like about the website?
  • What don't you like about the website?
  • What elements do they use that appeal to audiences?
Look at the example of a website analysis below... How can you apply these elements to creating the website for your chosen TV Game Show?

  • How is your website going to sell/promote the show?
  • How are you using institutions in your website design?
  • What kind of synergy and convergence are you implementing in your website?
  • Are you using links to social media? Which ones? Why those specific social media sites?

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