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Question 2 sample answer

  • Describe the format of your show.  Make sure to include information about the subgenre, the rules of the game and the kind of prizes.

  • Tell us about the suggested broadcast time and why.

  • Describe the target audience of your show in detail.

  • Who is the host of your show and why do you think this will appeal to our wide target audience?

  • Tell us about the USP of the show.

  • How would your idea engage audiences at home?


Address: Dear Commissioning Editor of Communique TV,

Introduction: First of all let me start by saying that I agree with you, we must bring back the Saturday evening TV family viewing and there's no better way to do this than by creating a brand new Game Show aimed at the widest target audience possible, as you said, from children to grandfathers.  

Answering a statement about the name, subgenre and format of the show:  Let me introduce you to "10 Seconds"... a quiz and puzzle game show based around music and the contestants' knowledge of it. The format of the game focuses on two families competing against each other in order to win a prize of "XXX".  An element of the show that we would need to incorporate within the format is the element of comedy, which is something that appeals to a wide target audience.

I will have "xxx" amount of contestants in each family team (ranging from teens to the older generation) and the structure of the show will resemble the one from Family Fortunes (hosted by Vernon Kay), in which one member of each family will come to the front and compete head to head with each other, answering questions or solving puzzles around the topic of music.

I suggest that the format of the show allows up to 4 commercial breaks, we will use these to engage audiences at home during the adverts.  James Corden (the host) will look at the camera in a MS, doing direct address, and will say the catchphrase "Play at home using our App or our social media.  Tune in or Tune Out! See you after the break".  We will pose a question on the screen before the adverts begin, with brief instructions on how to answer it using the 10 Seconds app, Facebook, twitter or instagram accounts, and audiences at home can win money by the end of the show.

The rounds will be as follows: 

Round 1: 6 songs will play and the team that presses the buzzer first guessing the name of the song will win points.  Similar to the mobile phone app "SongPop" (which could be a great link for sponsorship).  

Round 2: Contestants will watch clips from music videos without the song being played and they must guess the name of the song.

Round 3: One of the contestants will have to sing songs they haven't heard before in a karaoke way and the rest of their team must guess which song it is.

Round 4: One person from each team will come to the front and they must be blindfolded.  A music instrument from another culture will be placed in front of them and the task is that they must touch it and guess what it is in timed conditions.

At the end of the rounds, the team with most points will win the big prize, which is money.

Towards the end of the game show, the host will promote the show's website as a way for audiences at home to become contestants or if they want to be a member of the studio audience.  The host will also promote the show's apps and social media pages as a way of audiences at home to get involved in the game and to post comments and share their favourite moments (videos) from the show.

Answering a statement about suggested broadcast time:  The suggested broadcast slot is the pre-watershed time of 7pm to 8pm.  Stereotypically family activities will involve having dinner and we propose that the culture of watching TV on a Saturday evening can revolve around dinner time... something the whole family does together.

Answering a statement describing the target audience in detail:  Since the suggested target audience in the brief is from "children to grandparents" I propose that the primary target audience for "10 Seconds" is teens (boys and girls) aged 14 and above.  The primary audience covering adults will be young parents aged in their 40s and grandparents with a closing age bracket of 70 to 80 years old.  The main demographic will be C1 and below as the content of my show will stereotypically link to people within this group.  The secondary audience will be younger teens and university students, as they would be the ones that will stereotypically follow the family dynamics and therefore will indirectly be drawn to the new culture of watching TV with their families.  Since the theme of the show is music based, we will make sure to include music from all eras to appeal to the proposed audience in the brief.

Answering a question about the host: The proposed host is James Corden, my main reason for choosing him is because he is well known not only for being a comedy actor but also for hosting The Late Late Shown, acting in BBC's Gavin and Stacey and producing a recurring segment in The Late Late Show show called carpool karaoke - achieving more than 100 million views in youtube.  These programmes happen to appeal to a wide target audience, as they are broadcast on TV and on YouTube; the average carpool karaoke video on YouTube achieves between 40 million and 160 million views. James Corden also has millions of followers in his social media pages, which will link to the gratification of "developing social interaction with the celebrity". His Twitter profile has 8.8 million followers alone.

Answering a statement about the USP of the show: The main USP of the show is the host itself (James Corden) and the way he performs comedy.  His catchphrase will be repeated several times in the show by him and the studio audience, which will encourage some sort of embedding within the target audience at home.  Another USP will be the real time interaction audiences at home will have using the 10 seconds app and social media pages.  Another selling point will be that every so often, around Christmas or charity events we will do a celebrity edition, just like many other TV Game Shows (such as Deal or no Deal and Catchphrase) do.

Answering a statement about engaging audiences at home: One way of engaging audiences at home is via promoting our social media pages and our app.  We will also consider synergy and link up with the creators of the app "SongPop" to create a board game and a video game.  I would also like to suggest that we team up with a record label to release a CD or MP3 collection of our best songs, resembling what movies do with OST and/or what the yearly compilations of "Now That's What I Call Music" do.  We could name it: "Tune in or tune out! The album.  These could be bought as CDs or as MP3 in iTunes or Google Play Store.

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